Tell me if this sounds familiar?

You wanted to do some excercises, cook healthy, launch your own passion project or just do something for yourself. But you always have so much workload and things going on in your life, that it's just not the right timing. You feel guilty, because you postpone all these things in your mind to a later stage.

You start your day feeling overwhelmed when you think about your to-do list. At the same time you struggle how to create a vision of your life that feels more passionate and aligned to you, but less energy draining. Then suddenly it’s 7pm and you feel tired from everything you did that day. You spend your days dreaming about your next vacation to get some well needed rest-time, but you kind of neglect your wellbeing on a daily base.

You never hesitate to fully show up for your job, because this is what you think is expected from you.

But you would actually love to have the same commitment for your own wellbeing: To take some time for your morning routine, to move and eat healthy and to do more of the things you love, so that you feel more passion in your life and less overwhelm.

Welcome to “Quit overwhelm + FLOW"

The online-course for women, who want to thrive from the inside out.

After "Quit overhwhelm + Flow" you will feel inspired to:

  • Change your morning routine

  • Sync your life with your menstrual cycle

  • Stop comparing yourself with otherscheck

  • Choose a more natural approach when it comes to diet and skincare

  • Reflect about your visions to create the life you want

  • Start your own side passion project

This online-course is for you if you’re able to:

  • Invest some time

    Invest 10-15min / per day to check-in with your body and mind

  • Be mentally open

    Stay open-minded towards changes in your life

  • Stay curious

    Enjoy trying out new things and create new habits

Course content

  • 1

    Step 1: Nourish your soul

    • Mindful Matcha Ritual 6min

    • Nourishing Brekkie

    • Anti-Inflammatory Diet

    • Cycle Syncing 21min

    • Energy Balls Recipe

    • Ceremonial Cacao Preparation

  • 2

    Step 2: Connect to your body

    • Welcome on the mat 5min

    • How to choose your mat 15min

    • De-Stress Yoga 37min

    • Yoga when you feel low energy 60min

    • Feel Balanced Yoga 60min

    • Getting rid off back pain 7min

    • Trigger Points 10min

    • Gua Sha Face Massage 17min

  • 3

    Step 3: Connect to your mind

    • Vision Board 9min

    • Finding Alignment in Life 7min

    • Fear vs. Love 11min

    • Digital Detox 9min

    • Setting Boundaries 8min

    • Journaling 5min

    • How to become a better person 10min

  • 4

    Step 4: Nurturing self-love

    • Morning Rituals 8min

    • Natural Skincare Routine 6min

    • Essential Oils 14min

    • Self-Love Rituals

    • Zero-waste Skinbar 15min

  • 5

    Step 5: Spark passion

    • How to start your passion side-hustle

    • Being a beginner again 12min

    • Limiting Beliefs 9min

    • Giving up 21min

    • eBook: The mindful side-preneur 39 pages

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  • Is this right for me if I am super busy all the time?

    All videos are bite-size, so that you can easily watch them without blocking your whole day. You can always come back to the content, too. There is no deadline until when you need to have finished the curriculum.

  • How much time do I need to do this and get results?

    There is no “have to” involved. You decide what habits and ideas you wanna implement in your own life. You can start today and probably will feel the results of this habit on your physical and mental wellbeing immediately.

  • Will I have immediate access to the content?

    Yes, you will get the link to the course platform immediately after booking via email.

  • What if I decide this isn’t a good fit for me?

    If you are not happy with the course you can ask us for a refund within 3 days after purchase.

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Katerina, working in Consulting, Frankfurt

"Really enjoyed it! It was also very interesting to know that the common daily work-life timetable was designed by men and for men. Now it explains why it’s hard to keep up with the same routine/plans on the time period of months. Simply because our female bodies live according to diffident time measures. It’s impossible to expect to be as productive everyday during whole month. It’s was very nice explained the idea how to plan your work considering our “inner” calendar. I also enjoyed the beliefs coaching and skincare session. I felt like the “less is more” approach is working here as well." Jekaterina, Frankfurt

Nuria, working in banking in Frankfurt

"I thought it was a cozy mix of activities and brought you more awareness, specially liked the journaling part and the yoga session. The class was wonderful and I felt very relaxed and energised afterwards, haven't really done deep tissue yoga massage previously so I really liked it. l also got inspired by the matcha since I do drink a lot of coffee. The morning routine video was also very helpful with tips and inspiration. In all, very positive and I had a great day with a lot of energy and less pain. I felt more focus and it was a great experience learning new things and taking care of myself."

It’s time to step up…

and step into your FLOW state.

The perfect moment is NOW. The world needs people who feel alive and passionate and that share their gifts with the world. Now more than ever.

On the other hand you might skip this if:

You are looking for a fixed step by step process. This is not a one size fits all. We are focussing on giving you inspiration. You decide for yourself which tiny habits feel aligned to you and that you wanna adopt.

Imagine, you are never going to wake up another day wondering what to against that feeling of overwhelm – you will just take those tiny habits and know that you are moving into the right direction - YOUR direction.

Your course instructor

"As soon as you change from the inside, your outside world shifts as well." If you are practicing yoga, you are probably looking for some kind of transformation in your life. I am happy to share my mindful practices and tiny habits with you to make small changes in your life to make you feel happier and healthier overall.